Cari Corene
Cari Corene began life in the frozen north where she unwittingly and irrevocably became tied to the natural world as a source of inspiration. Whether that natural world is a spruce forest in Anchorage, an elegant street of time affected row houses in Baltimore, or the globally experienced change from one season to another seems only to spur different inspirations, not so much different quantities of inspiration. Presently Cari Corene illustrates her webcomic, found at, and works assorted freelance. She has a BFA in sequential art from the Savannah College of Art & Design and aspires to illustrate for trading card games, paint childre's picture books, continue creating comics on the web, and above all else to design entertaining characters.
Michelle Czajkowski
Michelle graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2011, interned at Pixar, work at Dreamworks, and is trying to start a brand new chapter of her life through telling stories and making art.
Savannah Houston-McIntyre
Savannah was born in the quaint year of 1987; and has been a writer ever since. Alongside the Amya project, she strives to complete two novels that she has been developing for a number of years - as well as expanding her collection of poetry.

Savannah currently lives in the magical town of Stratford and loves nothing more than to sit by the river and watch the swans go by asshe scribbles in her notebooks.
Elsa Kroese
Elsa Kroese is the mad-artist behind Spindrift. She's an illustrator with a background in animation. She worked in the game industries for some years after graduating and now spends most of her time creating a webcomic. She's from The Netherlands but currently resides in Germany with her fiance and her cats. She's fueled by strong coffee, games, comics, snowboarding and petting the kittens.
Pascalle Lepas
Pascalle Lepas is a writer and illustrator from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before starting Wilde Life she drew a sci-fi adventure series called Zap! that ran from 2003 until it's completion in 2014.
Heather Meade
Heather Meade is the sole writer and artist for dream*scar, which she's been picking at since late 1998. She's self taught in both art and writing, aside from some high school courses she didn't really pay attention to anyway because she was too busy drawing whatever the heck she wanted instead of learning important things like perspective and anatomy [*quietsobbing*]. She currently lives in Northern California with her husband and young daughter, and two very patient cats.
Eric Menge
Eric Menge is an author, editor, game-designer, and intermittent attorney. He is the co-author of Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue, an award-nominated RPG supplement and has contributed to several books for the Legend of the Five Rings by AEG. He served as a telecommunications attorney for the U.S. Small Business Administration and then in private practice. Eric lives in Virginia with his linguistic wife Amy and his daughter who is doing her best to ruin his productivity through sheer cuteness. He is currently creating an online graphic novel Snow-by-Night, a tale of colonial fantasy. He now dreams of muskets, alchemy, and snow in the moonlight.
Jules Rivera
Valkyrie Squadron is written and drawn by Jules Rivera, a San Diego-based illustrator. Born in New York, raised in the murky swamps of Florida, and salvaged in the lovely mountains of California, Jules Rivera is a freelance illustrator who is also a degreed engineer. Jules has done work on previous webcomic Marsh Rocket and currently handles the artwork on Hard Graft.
Michael Sexton
Michael has been drawing for as long as he can remember, quickly becoming obsessed with all things art-related especially comics and animation. Around high school, he decided to branch out his studies to include writing, digital art and web design, which naturally made the art of webcomics an appealing next step. He currently works on Everblue in his spare time and strives to create a truly enjoyable and entertaining reading experience for the denizens of the web.
Steph Stober
Steph Stober is a freelance illustrator who never quite grew out of cartoons and comic books. Most of her time is spent drawing, spoiling her two rabbits (Caesar and Houdini), and generally geeking out about nerdy things on the internet. As the creator of Final Arcanum, she enjoys nothing more than telling tales of pirates and magic, and just how well the two can mix together.
Julie Wright and Amanda Gomes
Julie Wright is a a graduate from Columbus College of Art and Design and has been expanding her horizons as an artist since. She currently works with Lora Innes's "The Dreamer" as their primary colorist and has done other work such as "The Goblin Chronicles" for Skipper Martin and other freelance work. Julie enjoys to make unique interpretations of demons and other deities that are seen through out religious texts.

Amanda Gomes is a graduate of Dickinson College and is currently completing her masters in Asian studies at the Univeristy of Hawaii. While not in Japan, she enjoys the world that surrounds yokai and their visual depictions. Amanda has won several artists awards from the Zenkaikon 2012 t-shirt design contest to Kawaiikon's mascot contest several years in a row.
Crystal Yates
Crystal Yates has been writing and drawing Earthsong since June of 2004, when she completed her honours Ba in Fine Art History, Egyptology and Archaeology with which she hoped to become a museum curator or teacher. She took a year off of her scholarly pursuits to recharge her mental batteries and make a little money working. Part of the former endeavour was the launch of Earthsong, which had been brewing in her head for the last year or so. Started solely as a hobby/distraction, Earthsong was eventually redrawn and then published by Seven Seas Entertainment in June 2006. Sales did not go as well as hoped, and so Earthsong has since been dropped from their catalog but, as you've probably noticed, it continues online. Aside from her comic making, Crystal enjoys playing her guitar - or rather would enjoy playing her guitar if her sons would let her - reading, mythology, Star Trek, henna tattooing, collecting fonts, cartoons, comics, coconut, concerts, cooking and alliteration with a side of pun. She thinks of herself as a "Tomgeek", a woman whose interests lie in the stereotypically geeky male domain, which inspired her to found the all-female webcomic collective,, in November 2007, which is open to any female creator. Born in 1980, she was married in April 2006, has two adorable boys, and is currently persuing a career in the eternally underappreciated profession of a full-time mom while moonlighting as a comic artist. Needless to say, Crystal has yet to become a museum curator or teacher, but life seldom turns out as expected, eh?
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