About Reverie

What is Reverie?

Reverie is a collective of webcomic artists aiming to produce top-quality fantasy and sci-fi works. These artists share a common vision of sharing their stories through long form comic media.

Reverie was launched in August of 2012 by Savannah Houston-McIntyre. The founding members include Cari Corene, Crystal Yates, Michael Sexton, Jules Rivera, and Emily Ivie.

What do we do for Creators?

Reverie is often referred to as a co-operative. We are a group of artists working together to promote cross-readership and better strengthen a genre we believe in and celebrate. Though we offer some services such as an ad server and hosting, our collective is centred on creating a helpful and supportive environment for creators to work in.

Reverie does not control the content of our members, and retains no rights to their work.

How do I Join?

Though we are not actively seeking submissions at this time, feel free to toss an e-mail to

We will keep you in mind for future consideration. Please do not inquire as to when that will be- we have no time line as to when submissions might open.
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